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Event Hostess.


Wedding Officiant.

Harmonica Sunbeam.

Harmonica Sunbeam, The Comedy Queen, has been delighting audiences at nightclubs, cabarets, and fundraising events throughout the United States and abroad for over 27 years. 

Miss Sunbeam showcases her unique ability to uplift, encourage and engage children through the Drag Story Hour program where drag queens go into libraries, bookstores, festivals and other events to read books to kids of all ages. Since the inception of DQSH in the New York area, Miss Sunbeam has been featured in the NY Times and also interviewed for a now viral video on Buzzfeed.


She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and has been featured on several television shows and films including The DeuceHoney, and Please Give. Miss Sunbeam has also worked alongside noted musical artists such as Beyonce, Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Holiday. She was featured on the season finale of Saturday Night Live as a backup dancer for artist Katy Perry performing her hit single “Swish Swish”.


Harmonica entered the world of music with three independently produced club singles: "Ready to Pump", "I'm Here To Work" and the latest "This Is The Beat."

Despite her busy schedule, Miss Sunbeam still finds time to assist and work with many community-based LGBTQI organizations such as Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice, NJCRI, Jersey City Pride, Hyacinth AIDS Foundation and AAOGC. Her commitment to being a positive role model in today's selfish world clearly speaks for itself.

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